WWE 2K15 PSP ISO download

WWE 2K15 PSP ISO Free Download

WWE 2K15 PSP ISO Free Download

Wrestling games have been in popular demand over the past decades. Basically, every console from the beginning until now had some wrestling title in their arsenal. Some were bad, some good and some were just bad-ass.

WWE 2K15 PSP ISO is one of those bad-ass titles. This is one of the professional wrestling video games which was developed based on the collaboration between Yuke’s and Visual Concepts.

This game is the sequel to WWE 2K14 (which can be downloaded here). There are also other versions which have been released in 2K16, 2K17 and 2K18. But from all versions, the 2K15 is one of the most popular ones in its genre.

The game was released on October 28th, 2014 in North America. On October 31st 2014 it was released in Europe. Due to upgrades again in North America it was released on November 18th 2014. And on November 21st, 2014 it was released in Europe based on the current generation consoles.

WWE 2K15 PSP ISO is one of the first games in the series which used the new WWE logo since it was introduced before 2014. This is one of those games which has one of the best features which is considered “new generation”. The game is designed based on the professional wrestling promotion WWE and also WWE 2K15.

The new generation features here places a heavy emphasis when it comes to traditional game mode. Along with which this game makes people feel more relaxed when compared to the arcade-like combat game.


When compared to the other versions of this WWE game the WWE 2K15 version has some extra features that attract gamers. This version has one special feature which is “new generation”. The feature especially focuses on turning the franchise into a real and true wrestling game when compared to “a fighting game with WWE Superstars in it”. One other new aspect are the wrestling mini-games that has been implemented which is exclusive to the PSP and gen consoles only.

So these mini-games will make the game even more interesting and realistic too. If you press the grapple button which is at the beginning of the match it will initiate a neck and elbow tie up. When coming to the beginning of the tie-up, each opponent will be pressing one of the three face buttons which are placed over theirs. By pressing these buttons, the players will be given an option to place their opponent into a side headlock. Not only headlocks but also a wrist lock or a waist lock too which will be similar to the rock paper scissors style outcome.

The headlock beats the wrist lock. The wrist lock beats the waist lock. Finally then the waist lock beats the headlock. After that whoever wins the game, they will place their opponent in a corresponding hold.

Using the Stick

Which both the players rotate the left analogue stick. This analog stick can be operated by the corresponding key on your screen. By pressing these keys players will be able to find a “sweet spot”. If  the attacker finds this sweet spot first, they will be given a chance to perform a move But if in case, the defender finds the sweet spot first they will gain the upper hand.  Along with this, the wrestles who is attacking will also get the chance to strike or grab the opponents limb. This will be making it harder for them to find the sweet spot.

This mini-game will happen only around 2-3 times while the match is on. And it can also be turned off using the options menu. The strikes will return to their normal speed with the improved collision. It also shows animations from the opponent too but unlike the previous games. In this version the superstars will not stand up immediately. They will not stand immediately after taking a bump or slam but they will occasionally stay down just for few seconds based on their stamina level.

Stamina Meter

Along with these features mentioned here, this game also introduced the three-tier stamina meter. This three-tier stamina meter will have the ability to control the pace of a match. Based on each move which player performs especially when it comes to striking and running, these will drain the stamina levels. When the first tier is going on, the wrestler will be full of energy and will also perform moves very easily when compared to later.

And when it comes to the second tier, the wrestler will start to slow down as his stamina levels will be dropping gradually. And when the third tier is on, the wrestler will be completely exhausted as his stamina levels dropped completely. In this stage, he will be unable to even perform the finishing moves which will be dropped too low.

The stamina meter here can also be turned off or can be adjusted in order to drain slow. When it is set to slow, it will be easier to regenerate as long as the meter is not depleted. There will also be a “breaking point” which can be replaced with a two-part circular gauge.


This is one of the best games which people love to watch in televisions and also enjoy playing too. WWE 2K15  is designed in such a way that it is mostly similar to the real game. So this makes people feel that they are playing the real one instead of a normal game. That is the main reason why people love these versions a lot.

Especially this 2K15 version when compared to the other 2K14 and 2K16 is the best in every way/ Thanks to the many features it’s highly popular. This game is highly accessible on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP and Android.

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